Hungarian Gypsy Missions International organizes camps for children every year. This year there are 6 camps in 6 different locations, including 120 children, from 20 June to 12 August.

The first camp was held in Mezőberény, 20–27 June, 2022. The organizers were expecting applications from young children aged 5–10 from the nearby Delhi. Delhi is the most marginalized area of Mezőberény. The number of participants quickly filled up, so the programs started without any obstacles. The goal was to develop the children’s faith life, also to introduce them to their own traditions and additional dexterity games. The development of the children was noticeable during the camp. They started every day with singing sessions and a short Bible lesson. Day by day they acquired new skills and became more receptive. Most of the children are Roma, from underprivileged families, therefore, for most of them these camps are like a holiday. The goal of all the camps is to present the faith and unity of love that the mission represents.

The organizers trust and hope that they will succeed in handing over everything to the children, which they can take home with them not only for two weeks, but for a lifetime.

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