The Hungarian Gypsy Missions Intnational of the Hungarian Pentecostal Church and Tokaj-Hegyalja University have concluded a collaboration agreement. The document recording the agreement was signed at the festive senate meeting of the university.

Dr. Ágnes Horváth, rector, and Albert Durkó, President, signed the document recording the agreement between Tokaj-Hegyalja University and the Pentecostal Gypsy Mission on February 17, in Sárospatak.

The parties intend to collaborate in the field of research, increasing educational opportunities for children and young people, as well as professional and methodological support for catch-up and equal opportunity developments, but the plans also include joint participation in national and international projects. Pursuant to the agreement, the HGMI also provides the conditions for field exercises and professional internships to the students of the university. Among the mission’s commitments is the recruitment and enrollment of underprivileged Gypsy youth for the courses of the Tokaj-Hegyalja University.

Last year, the students of the Sárospatak institution also participated in the research carried out in the Delhi settlement part of Mezőberény, which took place with the collaboration of the Mission and the Gypsy Methodological Research Center, where the possibility of closer cooperation was outlined.

The National Gypsy Mission of the Hungarian Pentecostal Church also concluded a collaboration agreement with the University of Miskolc last year.

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