Once again, the staff of the Hungarian Gypsy Missions International were greeted by grateful eyes as they once again arrived at the end of September with donations for families in difficult situations due to the war, thanks to the Canadian aid organisation ERDO.

Since the outbreak of the war, HGMI has been trying to provide help not only to the refugees who have come to our country but also to the local needy. With the support of the ERDO Christian relief organization, a charity campaign was launched last summer, and the mission’s workers have been to Ukraine several times to assist needy families with donation packages, in cooperation with the Transcarpathian Second Chance Charity Foundation.

“This time, we distributed the packages, each weighing about 15 kg, in three settlements of Transcarpathia. These packages included vitamins, medicines, hygiene products, and dry foods,” highlighted István Kis, the national coordinator of CharityPoints.

For the locals, food shortages and the increased cost of medicines are also causing difficulties, but many also complain about unemployment, so any help is welcome. The mission plans to organise another package distribution in October.

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