The leaders of the Pentecostal Gypsy Mission visited Subotica to serve the beleivers in the local church. The main purpose of the meeting with the members of the Serbian church was to exchange experiences and strengthen relations.

Albert Durkó, President, and László Surman, Mission Director, represented the HGMI at the service of the Subotica church on February 26th, which is regularly attended by a large number of believers from the Gypsy community.

“An important goal of our visit was to unite the Gypsy communities of the Carpathian Basin, to help them, and to be able to exchange experiences on the methods we have acquired in our own country in the field of church operations. We also met several leaders who serve the Gypsy people, so we hope that a very fruitful collaboration will develop in the future,” highlighted Albert Durkó.

Sötét Arnold, the leader of the Church of the Gospel of Christ in Subotica, welcomed the possibility of collaboration.

“It is very important for us to see how God is glorified in the lives of the local gypsies. We trust that people will be more and more encouraged, draw strength, that God’s spirit will rest on them, and they will go out to preach the gospel to the people whom the Lord has entrusted to them. Strengthening our relationship with the Pentecostal Gypsy Mission can be of great help to us in the future, for which we are grateful,” said Arnold Sötét.


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