Over the course of two years, a Community Transformational Leadership Training program was conducted, aiming to empower individuals to become catalysts for change within their communities. With a focus on mentorship, biblical studies, and practical training, this program has played a vital role in transforming individuals and empowering them to lead with conviction and faith.

One of the key elements of the training was the Mentor Training Program, which helped participants develop into mentors who can guide others in their faith journey. The program encompassed a wide range of subjects, including Ministry, Homiletics, Christian Living, Spiritual Gifts, Evangelism. These subjects assisted participants in finding their place within the church community and strengthening their Christian lifestyle. The subjects of Introduction to the New Testament and the Old Testament provided a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, enabling participants to better grasp God’s message and apply it to their lives. The Basics of Bible Study I and II taught them various methods and techniques for studying the Bible effectively and sharing it with others.

This 2-year training ended on 14 August 2023. After passing a 2-part exam, 24 mission workers received certificates for successfully completing the Community Transformational Leadership Training. The CTLs received their certificates in a ceremony, which were presented by László Surman, Director General of Missions, and András Berki, Vice-President. We believe that God will uplift the Roma people and make them pioneers, bringing blessings to Hungary and Europe.

Although the classroom part of the training is over and the certificates have been received by the students, the work does not cease, in fact the real work is just beginning, as they are now returning to their communities with the valuable knowledge they have acquired during the programme. This way they can put into practice what they have learned in the classroom. The CTL training thus will continue for the rest of the year on the ground within the framework of fieldwork.

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