About fifty servants and congregation members associated with the Hungarian Gypsy Missions International started their higher education studies in September. From the outset, the mission’s leadership has been encouraging their members to gain qualifications that will enable them to find employment in the job market and work for the benefit of society.

“This year, about fifty students associated with our mission are starting their college and university studies. We consider it of utmost importance to encourage and motivate the people associated with us to study,” says László Surman, Mission Director-General of HGMI, adding that through their ministry, they aim to bring about a complete change in the lives of Roma communities through a holistic approach.

The opportunity for further education opens the door to career paths in the lives of Roma youth that can lead to long-term success, while also developing a range of skills that will help them thrive in all areas of life.

“We believe it’s important for people to believe that they are capable of acquiring a profession or diploma, and later work for the benefit of the whole society. This is what we reinforce in them,” highlights the director.

Among the students, there are those studying law, engineering, or economics, as well as those who wish to work as tourism professionals or teachers. Of course, many, due to their faith, chose theological studies. So far, thirty-six individuals have graduated with the encouragement and support of the mission and have successfully found employment.

László Surman added that the mission is currently organizing the Pentecostal Roma College, which will provide support for students, scientific and research work, as well as publication and fieldwork opportunities for students of higher education institutions. The college will also organise open universities, forums, language courses and pastoral care.

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