Unlike their previous visits, the staff of the HGMI not only distributed aid packages but also provided testimonies and preached to those facing hardship, aiming to strengthen their faith and guide them through life’s challenges by focusing on Jesus Christ.

During their November visit, the missionaries distributed several hundred packages, each weighing around 15 kilograms, to families in Carpathian Ukraine who are facing difficulties due to the war, often struggling to meet their daily needs. This charitable initiative was carried out with the support of the ERDO Canadian relief organization and the collaboration of the Carpathian Second Chance Charity Foundation.

“We have currently assembled two hundred packages containing non-perishable food items, household tools, vitamins, and medications. There are many Roma settlements in Carpathia, and some residents had to flee to other countries due to the war. However, for those who remained, donations of this kind are of great help,” emphasized Ilona Nagy-Kaszáné Somogyi, a volunteer with the foundation.

“We have been living in this settlement for thirty-eight years. We lead a humble life, but we are happy in Jesus. The most wonderful thing is that He protects us,” expressed Ivan Lukács, a resident of one of the settlements, who makes a living through occasional jobs. He added that the Lord always provides for them, often through people willing to deliver donations.

During this visit, an evangelization evening took place, featuring preaching by István Kis, the national coordinator of GypsyAid, and a special testimony shared by Jenő Nagy with those present.

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