One of the many stereotypes about ethnic Gypsy Christians is that they are always ready to receive ? and not so much to give. We believe in the power of giving, even when it is the most disadvantaged people group in Europe who give.

In our Joseph Program, Roma participants gather in foodstuff to our community houses during the summer (when they can get higher income from working on the fields) and distribute it among themselves and other needy people during the winter season. Gypsy men in the community cultivate land and grow crops together. Some of the crops they then donate to the local school and some people in need.

The Joseph Program slowly influences the mindset of ethnic Gypsy believers. We have received good reports from participants as well as outsiders ? Roma and non-Roma alike.

We are looking for ways to get more ethnic Gypsies into the Joseph Program. Please, look at the video (turn on English subtitles) and Partner with us in this great initiative. Start supporting Joseph Program today.

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