The church members and servants who participated in the Community Transformational Leadership Training Programme provided an account of their acquired knowledge both in writing and verbally at the HGMI headquarters in Békés.

Hungarian Gypsy Missions International pays significant attention to education and discipleship. Through the current training, the participants have become enriched with extensive knowledge.

“Our main goal is to train workers and servants who can reach out to their broader environment, adapting to the mindset of God’s Kingdom. We believe that this development will have an impact on the churches, families, and the community where our brothers and sisters live and serve,” emphasized András Berki, Vice President, in response to our inquiry.

The unanimous opinion of the exam candidates was that it was worth embarking on the two-year training. As they expressed, they have gained knowledge that will be influential in their future ministry.

“For me, each session meant a great deal; I received numerous new revelations about God’s Kingdom. At the same time, we also acquired practical knowledge that is essential for successful ministry,” shared Dávid Pál Péter, who came from Zákányszék to take the exam held in Békés.

Tivadar Tóth also felt it was important to acquire new knowledge, so he listened attentively with an open heart during the lectures and continually serves his congregation with the teachings he has received.

“While I had some exam-related stress, I believe that for those who followed the teachings and made an effort to prepare, the assessment was not difficult. I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained, and I have been striving to pass on this knowledge to the members of the church, bringing genuine growth into their lives from the very beginning,” he expressed.

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