Monthly challenges
Monthly challenges

In this digital world, our lives are constantly bombarded with notifications, emails, and endless scrolling, often leaving us feeling disconnected from the world around us. This February, we invite you on a journey back to the heart of what truly matters. In our “Digital Detox Challenge,” we seek not just to reduce screen time, but to deepen our connection with God, ourselves, and our loved ones, free from digital distractions.

Are you ready to reset and recharge? Let’s use this month to deepen our faith, nurture our relationships, and live more intentionally in the presence of God and each other.

Monthly Challenges - 2024 February 1

The Concept

The idea is simple yet profound: consciously reduce your digital footprint by limiting screen time and social media use.

Instead of scrolling through feeds, we encourage you to reconnect with yourself, loved ones, and God. It’s about making space for the things that truly enrich our lives.

How to Get Involved

Set Limits on Digital Use: Choose specific times to disconnect from electronics daily.
Engage in Spiritual Practices: Use the extra time for prayer, reading the Bible, or meditating on God’s word.
Reconnect with Community: Spend quality time with family and friends, or participate in community service.
Mindful Use of Technology: When online, be intentional about your digital consumption.
Make a Meaningful Impact: We encourage donating the value of saved screen time to charity, fostering both mindfulness and generosity.

Get Involved

Share Your Stories

We’d love to hear how this digital detox is impacting your life. Share your journey, discoveries, and the creative ways you’re spending your time off-screen. Use the hashtag #DigitalDetox4HGMI to connect with our community and inspire others with your story.

Use the hashtag #Kindness4HGMI to connect with the community and spread the message of kindness. By sharing your experiences, you’re not only spreading positivity but also inspiring others to do the same.

"Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil."

Ephesians 5:15-16 (NIV)  

We believe in the transformative power of stepping back from our screens to enrich our spiritual and personal lives. Together, let’s discover the joy and clarity that comes from a balanced digital life. Engage in this month of digital detox, and be part of a movement towards a more focused, spiritually fulfilling lifestyle.