In the past 30 years, the gospel has been spreading fast among the most underprivileged people group in Hungary: ethnic Gypsies. Some churches welcomed them in their own congregations but more often small Roma congregations have been established. An already weak voice among Christians in the country, the fragmented crowd of Gypsy Christians cannot be as effective in impacting society as when they work together.

HGMI was founded in 1996 with only a handful of people in 3 ethnic Gypsy churches. In the past 20 years, God has opened up doors for the gospel among the Roma in a mighty way. The people ? despised by a large part of mainstream society ? turn to God, repent of their sins and are born again. Today, there are about 6000 people in 120 churches and church plants in our network.

As (non-geographic) Church District 5 of the Hungarian Pentecostal Church in Hungary, HGMI provides the administrative background for these 120 churches. Together we are stronger.Together our voice is louder.

Whatever we do, we always think in terms of networking. It takes only a little extra effort but results are manifold.

Partner with us in reaching the Roma in and around Hungary. Start supporting our mission today.

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