There was a Memorial Day of the Roma Victims of the Holocaust held in Békés. According to the decision of The Roma World Alliance at Paris in 1972 the world remembers the deported Roma during the Holocaust on 2 August every year.

“It is impossible to change the past, but we must remember the times fraught with danger and learn from the horrors”– was said at the commemoration in Békés, which was co-organized by the Hungarian Gypsy Missions International, the Municipality of the Town of Békés and the Gypsy Methodology and Research Center.

At the conference held at the center of HGMI, mission president Albert Durkó, Emma Ficz, department head of the General Directorate for Social Opportunities, and dr. András Zima, head of the department of the National Rabbinical School – Jewish University, and director of the Holocaust Memorial Center remembered the horror of the war genocide, which, besides Jews, affected a significant number of Roma living in Hungary at that time.

Keeping the traditions of the past years, the program continued at the Commemoration Keeping the traditions of the past years, the program continued at the memorial place on Széchenyi square in Békés. After the words of László Surman, writer and poet, Gábor Szabó, head of the Békés County Roma Self-Government, and András Mucsi, local government representative, as a closing chord of the event, those present, placed wreaths of remembrance, and they remembered the victims by lighting a candle.

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