The charity of the Gypsy mission provided firewood and a stove for families in Kevermes who have serious difficulties in maintaining their daily needs. The support of kind-hearted donors is constantly needed to continue similar aid.

The Charity Service of the Pentecostal Gypsy Mission does its best throughout the year, especially in the winter to provide effective help to those in need. Nation wide, the staff of the mission can help about a hundred families, to which support from Finland, the Christian organization Fida and the Eelim Congregation in Kuopio, contributes greatly.

” There is also church planting in Kevermes, from where the news of families in great need reached us. We try to seize every opportunity to provide support to people in difficult situations, which is why we also organized a charity concert in December. We were able to support many families from the proceeds of the event taking place with contribution from Attila Kökeny, “said István Kis, the national coordinator of the Charity Service.

Although the head of the family we had visited in Kevermes works every day, it is still not enough to overcome the continuous financial problems to support six children.

This current donation was an enormous help for us, we thank everyone who contributed. Currently, we could only huddle together in one room, but from now on we can also heat up a separate room for the children”, said the mother of six about her circumstances.

In the neighbouring, where a family is raising four children, the parents are grateful not only for the firewood, but also for all the spiritual support they received from the staff of the Gypsy mission during this period.   

My son, at the young age of 12, doesn’t miss a single church event, and I think this is a serious opportunity for many young people to get on the right path. In the church, people can pour out their souls and get real help for their problems, for us this is worth more than anything, ” the family members said.  

The mission is happy to recieve any kind of support that it can further provide to people in difficult circumstances. Donations can be made at the Charity Points set up in Hungary, the address of which can be found on the organization’s website, where direct transfers are also possible.

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