An interactive workshop titled “Life-Hope Transmission Among Refugees” was held for professionals and educators working with refugees at the HGMI headquarters.

Organized by Productivus Training Ltd., the program was made possible through the refugee project support of Samaritan’s Purse, and this occasion marked the second session of the professional training series titled “The Holistic Practice of Crisis Management and Life Arrangament.” The lecture was delivered by Szabolcs Kerekes, a trainer and member of the Barnabas Group Mission, as well as a pastor at the Rákospalota Corrective Educational Institute, who dedicated significant attention to the topic of hope. Participants sought answers to questions such as why hope is particularly important in the lives of refugees, how to ignite and sustain it in families facing difficult circumstances. The mission has been supporting individuals arriving from Ukraine to Hungary since the outbreak of the war, and it places importance on their spiritual and intellectual development, as well as the education of children.

“According to the Bible, what we carry with us into eternity from life is faith, hope, and love, and these shape us in both the joys and challenges of life. Unfortunately, the media often portrays a distorted image of these values, but we must still adhere to them,” was expressed during the workshop.

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