The life of the Hungarian Gypsy Missions International has reached another milestone with the establishment of the national presbytery. The inauguration of the seven members of the presbytery took place on August 14th at the mission’s headquarters. At the same ceremony, twenty-four mission workers received recognition for successfully completing their leadership training.

Continuous growth and change are characteristic of the mission’s entire activities, which also come with increased responsibility and tasks. With the inauguration of the presbyters, an old dream of the organization comes true. The selection of presbyters was primarily guided by biblical foundations, as well as the geographical location of the congregations and their social responsibilities, which helped the decision of the Council of Faith. All members of the national presbytery are active, tested pastors who primarily provide guidance and suggestions based on their own experiences to support the daily life of the congregations and the leadership of the mission.

Forming a bridge between the congregations and the mission leadership, the presbytery fulfills its biblical mandate through active spiritual and practical service. As mentioned, the chosen presbyters carry a significant responsibility and task to stand firm in the areas they have been assigned to. The inaugurated seven presbyters came from Békés, Borsod, Csongrád-Csanád, Heves, Hajdú-Bihar, and Szabolcs Counties.

The mission considers it particularly important that well-trained leaders and servants within the community carry out their work. The Roma people, after their conversion and personal encounter with Jesus Christ, undergo profound life changes and shifts in mindset, forming the basis for influencing their own communities.

In the building of God’s kingdom, it’s necessary to reach out to and engage every layer of society. The leadership of the Pentecostal Roma Mission believes that, alongside biblical knowledge, disciples need to be prepared on how to transform their communities through the power of the Gospel. In recent times, mission workers have acquired leadership skills, self-awareness, and developed the abilities necessary to make an impact on others, reshaping their communities. Alongside the newly inaugurated presbyters, 24 mission workers received certificates for successfully completing the Community Transformational Leadership Training. We believe that God will uplift the Roma people and make them pioneers, bringing blessings to Hungary and Europe. The newly inaugurated presbyters will be the engines and guardians of this change.

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