Hungarian Gypsy Missions International has always placed a high priority on education, believing that it is the most effective way to bring about significant social change. From early childhood education to adult learning, HGMI is dedicated to providing comprehensive educational opportunities to all.

Recognizing education as the foundation for a better future, our programs cater to children of all ages, from toddlers in kindergartens to young adults in schools. We currently operate three kindergartens and three schools, as well as provide comprehensive adult education programs to support lifelong learning and personal development.

Our educational philosophy rests on the belief that quality education should be accessible to everyone. This commitment is reflected in our well-regarded programs like the Community Transformational Leaders Programme (CTL) and Prepare International (PI), both synonymous with educational excellence in our community.

Reményhír Educational Operations Centre’s Commitment

The Reményhír Educational Operations Centre is dedicated to educating and training disadvantaged and Roma children and youth, as well as adults. We emphasize talent identification, promotion, and development, along with targeted support for talented students to ensure their ongoing growth and success. All our programs aim for long-term sustainability, providing life coaching and support beyond the classroom.

Preserving Culture Through Education

At HGMI, education serves a dual purpose. Besides its intrinsic value, it also helps preserve and promote Roma culture. The “Cigánykerék” project at Epreskert Kindergarten exemplifies our efforts to integrate cultural education into our curriculum. This initiative immerses children in Roma traditions, teaching them about their heritage and instilling pride in their identity.

Through traditional dance, music, and crafts, children learn about the rich cultural tapestry of the Roma people. These activities not only enrich their education but also help preserve these traditions for future generations, fostering a strong sense of self and community among students.

Achievements in Educational Excellence

The dedication and hard work of our staff and students are evident in their remarkable achievements. Erika Eszter Balogh, Director of a Reményhír Institution unit, recently received a prestigious award from the local municipality for her exceptional contributions to education. This accolade highlights her commitment and the high standards of our programs.

Our students also excel. In a recent national project competition, students taught by our team, though not officially part of HGMI institutions, secured second place. This success underscores the effectiveness of our educational methods and the dedication of our educators. These students, receiving religious education from our staff, have shown they can achieve high levels of excellence with the right support and guidance.

A Special Day for Educators

Our dedication to education is celebrated on occasions like Teachers’ Day, where we honor the hard work and commitment of our educators. At HGMI, we recognize teachers as the backbone of our educational system, their passion and dedication driving the success of our programs.

Teachers’ Day celebrates their achievements and acknowledges their crucial role in shaping the future. It serves as a reminder of education’s importance and the incredible impact dedicated educators have on their students’ lives.

HGMI’s unwavering dedication to education encompasses the academic and personal growth of our students and the preservation of Roma culture. Through its various institutions and programs, it continues to provide valuable educational opportunities while preserving cultural heritage and promoting individual growth. Looking ahead, HGMI aims to expand its reach and enhance its programs, further solidifying its role as a leader in educational innovation and social change.

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