Politicians in Eastern Europe and in the European Union go into great lengths trying to solve the so-called ?Roma Problem.? Our vision at Hungarian Gypsy Missions International is that the Roma ? as the most underprivileged people group in Europe ? first and foremost need God?s saving mercy and grace. When they repent and turn to Him, they are born again and Jesus transforms their lives.

HGMI was founded in 1996 with only a handful of people in 3 ethnic Gypsy churches. In the past 20 years, God has opened up doors for the gospel among the Roma in a mighty way. The people ? despised by a large part of mainstream society ? turn to God, repent of their sins and are born again. Today, there are about 6000 people in 120 churches and church plants in our network.

Our vision is that God makes the last first. Revival among the Roma will have a great impact on Europe. Those who have racial prejudice against them today, will come to the Lord and be blessed.

Mission workers and volunteers, supervised by the HGMI executives elders, visit churches and cell groups regularly. They preach a teach the Bible. HGMI trains local and regional leaders ? preparing room for 325 thousand Gypsy men and women, according to our vision.

Music has a vital role in the Roma way of life and thus it is a major means for communicating the message of God?s love to them. Praise & worship music is very important in all our churches, cell groups and outreaches.

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