It was the first time for the protestant churches of Hungary and the Gypsy Methodology and Research Center to hold a conference in Budapest-Fasori Lutheran Church titled: “Make disciples of all nations!” on 20th February. Almost 400 people came together with one purpose: to encourage, to motivate Gypsy and non-Gypsy Christians who are involved in Gypsy mission to continue their work for Gypsy people and to share the Gospel.

The churches were represented by one of their leaders: János Papp, President of the Baptist Church of Hungary; László Deák, Mission Pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary; Dr. László Khaled Abdo, Candidate Superintendent of the United Methodist Church in Hungary; Eszter Dani, Head of Mission of the Reformed Church in Hungary and Albert Pataky, President of the Hungarian Pentecostal Church.

The event was honored by the presence and complimenting words of Karoly Czibere, Secretary of State representing the State Secretariat of Social Affairs and Social Inclusion at the Ministry of Human Resources. He said that “the strongest walls are not in society but in the hearts of people”, that is why it is important for our assemblies and churches to stand in unity by this conference. We must tell the society: “Every wall will come down in front of Christ” in the hearts of people.

Péter Bakay, Gypsy mission leader of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary gave us the answer to the question how to do it. At first we must become real followers of Christ. We must give up inactivity and “even by making a sacrifice or accepting unpleasantness, we must start serving”, making disciples of the people around us.

“The purpose of this day is to urge for ministry.” Yet, this ministry should not be a lonesome activity ? highlighted Albert Durko, President of Hungarian Gypsy Missions International ?, “just as in the story of the great catching of fishes one boat was not enough for Peter, we believe that one boat is not enough for us either. Every church, assembly and group is needed for the crowds to find their homes.”

In his sermon László Surman, executive elder of HGMI addressed the audience of the conference: Jesus came down to Earth to do something for the benefit of humanity, to offer solution for their sins. “My brother, what do you offer to do?” ? he asked. “Jesus sacrificed his life in order to save us to set a fire in your heart.”  There are no results without any sacrifice. The five protestant churches are convinced that the power of faith and the Gospel can bring complete changes in the lives of people and as a result of these changes the whole society will be restored.

In the afternoon program Bálint Kovács, Péter Bakay, Zoltán Kurdi, Albert Durkó and Ágnes Nyeső, the leaders of the five protestant Gypsy missions gave reports of their national activities.

In the next session ? led by Eszter Dani ? Gypsy people and Gypsy families shared their testimonies of complete life changes, who have got to know the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and decided to give up their former lifestyles in order to follow Jesus.

Between the testimonies the sound of the worship team of Pentecostal Gypsy Missions from Verpelét filled the church building. Gypsy and non-Gypsy people, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, Reformed Church members sang together. Nobody could see any difference between them. In the church building the walls between people came down that day and we could learn and were encouraged together with open hearts. We got a new chance to be strengthened in our calling and to receive a fire into our hearts in order to serve the Gypsy and non-Gypsy people with a new dynamism.

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