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The last stage of the “Well in Spirit” programme series, held at the HGMI headquarters, aimed to provide mainly young people with a wide range of knowledge for a successful start in life.

The series of events covered topics ranging from physical and mental health to intergenerational opportunities, faith related issues and even educational and employment opportunities.The six sessions were held monthly for around 100 students and featured lectures by renowned experts who not only imparted theoretical knowledge but also shared their personal experiences. At the last event, Albert Durkó, President of HGMI, welcomed the participants, and László Surman, Mission Director-General of HGMI, concluded the programme by thanking the mission leadership, volunteers and participants for the organisation of the event. The last session was hosted by the executive elders of the HGMI: Péter Pál, Sándor Balog and Miklós Rézműves, who shared their thoughts on the themes of confession, forgiveness and reconciliation, all of them emphasising the role of faith in the development of right living and the successful solution of problems.

True forgiveness is a power and freedom that cannot be talked about enough. The lack of forgiveness is a trap. You will have an example in your life of someone you are angry with because they will always be on your mind. You do not need to let go because the other person deserves it. I am the one who deserves to be free,” was said during the event.

The “Well in Spirit” programme series has achieved its goal of not only imparting information, but also building community and helping young people to step out into life with more confidence.

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