The Civil Information Day was held at the headquarters of the Hungarian Gypsy Missions International, bringing together representatives of the ten new NGOs belonging to the Mission. The event featured presentations by HGMI’s professional leaders, who provided valuable advice to the participants.

The Information Day is organised every year by the organisers to provide an opportunity for representatives of NGOs to exchange experiences and broaden their knowledge. HGMI’s priority is to support Christian and civil society organisations at national and cross-border level that promote the inclusion and integration of underprivileged people.

Albert Durkó, President emphasized that preaching is not the only important aspect for congregations; it is also crucial for members to actively participate in the work of social communities and municipalities. Various civil organizations provide support for this, as well as for organizing different programs and fundraising efforts.

László Surman, Mission Director-General, highlighted the significance of holistic thinking and pointed out that civil organizations were established at the county level with the goal of serving both the Roma and non-Roma populations.

The professional leaders of the mission shared practical experiences and advice on legal, economic, application, training, and communication tasks, thereby contributing to the success of the participants’ work.

In summary, it can be said that this year’s Civil Information Day once again provided a valuable forum for promoting cooperation and professional development among organizations.

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