30 people from 7 countries who work in Roma missions were invited to Jánoshalma (Hungary) at the nice facility of the Friendship Mission Foundation on 14-18 June. We had the opportunity to share our experiences and visions, to find answers to questions and to help each other see more clearly what the future of Roma missions is.

The facilitator of the gathering was Hans-Martin Dern from Germany, who works with Mission für Süd-Ost-Europa. He was also one of the participants of the Roma Networks meeting in Belgrade.

All participants had a time to introduce their work and vision. The next session was about some common themes like the religious background of Roma people; the role of strategy and spiritual war in Roma missions; the need for effective networking of mission initiatives.

On Friday evening each represented country had the opportunity to show something special to the others: songs, games or other interesting things. This program has also helped to develop cooperation. On the last day we visited some Roma families at the town to share the love of God with them.

It was good to see new friendships and cooperation dedications developing through those days. We believe God will continue to connect us and build a network of Roma missions around Europe and around the World.

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