This message was emphasized by Volkert Muijs, a representative of Prepare International, an international Christian organization, at the June training event of the Hungarian Gypsy Missions International seminar series. The event aimed to provide church ministers with knowledge to help them build God’s kingdom more effectively.

On the first day of the training, held at the HGMI’s headquarters in Békés, László Surman, Mission Director-General, welcomed the participants. He highlighted the importance of believers becoming disciples and actively participating in the work of the congregations.

Volkert Muijs, who came from the Netherlands, expressed his hope that the training would be interactive and open, giving participants the opportunity to ask questions and actively engage in the lectures. Muijs, who works as a fisherman in his civilian life, started planting a church called Living Ministry seven years ago. According to him, the goal of the training is not about his thoughts but to convey the teachings of Jesus to the participants.

“God’s kingdom is quite special because a Dutch man is giving a lecture in English to Hungarian people. What I think is not important, but what Jesus teaches is. We ask for His revelation during this event so that we can become more like Him,” he stated.

The leadership of the HGMI places special emphasis on continuous training programs that provide well-founded knowledge of Christian teachings.

The event was made possible by grant support. Through the training, the Mégis Remény Association is implementing the project “Network Building through the Holistic Assistance of Roma NGOs.”

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