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About seventy young people from different communities attended the youth meeting of the Tüzes Szívek Religious Association. The event was opened by Jenő Lakatos, Pastor of the Tüzes Szívek, and then the youth leader, Szilveszter B. Lakatos, took over the leadership of the programme.

During the event, youth leaders encouraged the young people with testimonies, worship and prayer. It was a special joy to have a Polish mission team present, whose members also strengthened the participants.

“We believe it is important to help young people in today’s world and teach them to recognize the work of Satan. We make them aware of the dangers of the media, which presents them with a false world. The event was very rewarding for us and we hope to organise more conferences like this in the future for the glory of the Lord,” the organisers emphasised.

The youth meeting not only served as a community-building event, but also gave the young people important lessons to become stronger in the face of everyday challenges. The motto of the event was a quote from the Book of Psalms: “A young man’s sons are like the arrows in a soldier’s hand.” (Psalm 127:4).

The meeting will remain a blessed and memorable experience for all participants, and we hope to have more such occasions in the future. The support of the Hajdúhadháza Municipality contributed to the success of the event.

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