This year has not been a tedious one in our school. In addition to the talent development activities of the existing Elementary Art School (EAS), Hungarian Gypsy Missions International – Reményhír Educational Operations Centre started a complex art therapy program. The program, which has been in operation since last autumn, provides for the simultaneous development of children’s personalities and abilities, as well as talent research.

A total of 175 children from eight grades have participated in the series of programs, which started last September and gave children the opportunity to learn about themselves and to accept themselves through different artistic techniques and tools. Through music and story therapy, bibliotherapy, film therapy, and rhythmic and choreographed songs, among other things, professionals help the students to find motivation, purpose, coping strategies, and a way out of possible disadvantages.

“Creative activities help them to live, manage and process their emotions. Through art therapy elements, we deepen the message of the different themes and evoke creativity and the unfolding of abilities through the manifestation of cathartic experiences. At the same time, children can find their means of self-expression through the different art methods, which can give them an even greater sense of achievement. Their sense of identity is strengthened, and this has an impact on their relationships, communication, and socialization. We are particularly pleased that more and more teachers are getting involved in the creative experience with the children, and it does have a positive effect on the classroom community and the relationship between the class and the teacher”, said Kornélia Putnoki Kesjár, art therapist.

The children really enjoyed the program, and there are already visible signs of improvement.  During the school year, planning for the introduction of the program in kindergartens also started. The organizers are also planning to showcase the values of the children through exhibitions.

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