The coordinators of the Hungarian Gypsy Missions International’s Charity meet quarterly in Békés to discuss their experiences and questions arising from their work. There are currently 14 CharityPoints in the country, whose staff are constantly providing help to people in need.

László Surman, Mission Director-General, spoke highly of the coordinators’ sacrificial work: ‘For your work to be successful and to be a blessing to many people, it is important that we all see our tasks as being done for God’, he said.

Albert Durkó, President, expressed his thanks to the staff of the Charity.

“You are the extended hands of the mission, helping those in need in the name of the Lord. The foundation of our ministry is Jesus Christ, we serve because we love Him, because He has touched our hearts, because we want to become like Him. Every day you reach out, help and lift up your fellow human beings, Christ is revealed through you”, emphasised Albert Durkó.

At the meeting, held in the headquarters, participants shared the difficulties and successes they have experienced in their work and asked the questions that concern them.

István Kis, Head of the Charity, highlighted the importance of the programme:      

“Besides sharing experiences, an important purpose of these meetings is to learn from each other. As in many cases hundreds of kilometres separate the coordinators from each other, it is important to organise regular meetings. This time, the focus was on discussing issues related to operational costs and the legal framework. There is a very strong demand for the work of the CharityPoint, and it is possible that we could increase their number in the future. However, this is conditional on finding dedicated and committed staff.”

The programmes are therefore an excellent opportunity not only to share experiences, but also to learn and problem-solve together, thus strengthening the effectiveness of the CharityPoint and their support for people in need across the country.

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