Hungarian Gypsy Missions International made a cooperation agreement with the University of Miskolc on the campus primarily about the areas of education, research and social work. The participants of the ceremonial signing were Prof. Dr. Zita Horváth, Rector of the university; Albert Durkó, Presindent of HGMI; and the deans of faculties involved in professional coordination: Dr. Mária Kovács Illésné, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Dr. Mariann Somosi Veresné, Dean of the Faculty of Economics. Other attenders from HGMI were László Surman, representing the Gypsy Methodology and Research Center, Rita Patkás, Director of education and training at School Operations Center, and Hajnalka Fazekas, Director of Social Services Center.

At the event, Prof. Dr. Zita Horváth, Rector of the University of Miskolc, mentioned that the university puts great emphasis on social convergence in the region. There are several programs helping the disadvantaged students of the region. When the faculties of social sciences were opened at the university, the third mission was initiated: the idea of helping social convergence.

Albert Durkó mentioned, that HGMI was founded in 1996 with only three Roma churches, and now they cover the whole country with the activities of 137 Roma churches. They have significantly developed their international relationships recently. They take every chance to help disadvantaged people. He can see a great opportunity in cooperating with the University of Miskolc, since he believes this united work will help to leverage the potential in Roma people. For this potential to become visible much work, education and research is needed to be done.

This agreement could start such a long-term cooperation that will greatly help not only the Roma, but non-Roma young people as well, to whom knowledge will open new ways and opportunities.

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