In addition to discussing current issues, attendees renewed the leader offices at the council meeting of the 5th Diocese of the Hungarian Pentecostal Church at the HGMI center in Bekes.

Albert Durko shared the Word of God after a praise and worship time. In his message he focused on the need for us to be filled with the Holy Spirit so God could use us, but for this the believers must accept that often we need to wait. Upon renewing the offices the present representatives unanimously voted for Albert Durko to be the leader of the diocese, and for Laszlo Surman to be the deputy leader. After this some workers shared reports about the current tasks–about the work with accommodating refugees in particular. The Mission has been serving the refugees from Ukraine from the beginning of the war, and within the last few months they have accommodated several hundreds of them in their community houses renovated for this purpose. Despite the hardships the workers of the Mission try to consider the refugees as gifts from God. Several testimonies were shared about the good fruits of this attitude.

As it was worded at the council meeting, besides the practical help it is important to provide spiritual support, and the service to the refugees is a kind of a mission opportunity as well. HGMI found a way to hire professionals to deal with the children’s needs. Psychologists, social workers and educators hold regular sessions at the refugee accommodations. Among the plans for the future there is the task to double the number of churches within the Roma Diocese. There will be continuous training courses to help extend the evangelizing activities.

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