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Participants gained exciting and enriching insights at the latest installment of the “Well in Spirit” program series, hosted once again at the headquarter of the HGMI in Békés. The program primarily targeted young individuals interested in preserving both their physical and mental well-being.

Reaching its third stage, the  “Well in Spirit” series for young people commenced with greetings from Albert Durkó, President of HGMI, and László Surman, Mission Director-General of HGMI. The sessions began with praise and prayer.

The lecturers were excellent specialists in the given topic. Cardiologist assistant professor Dr. Ruzsa János provided a deep insight into the importance of maintaining our physical health, preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases. It was intriguing to see biblical quotes he gathered that were relevant to the theme.

Róbert Baráti, the pastor of the Pentecostal Church in Ózd, spoke about the significance of mental health, the power of faith, and the keys to preserving mental well-being. In addition to interactive presentations, organizers provided an opportunity for participants to get answers to their personal questions and share their experiences.

The event, titled “Our Body as a Temple: Physical and Mental Health,” perfectly reflected the message the gathering aimed to convey. The occasion provided an excellent opportunity for young people to deepen their knowledge and understand how to take care of their health for a fuller life.

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