The Hungarian Gypsy Missions International organized a three-day program where Ian Green, an internationally recognized Christian speaker and coach, provided advice and training to the ministers. Ian Green has a long-standing relationship with the mission and holds its work in high regard.

Albert Durkó, President of HGMI, highlighted that Ian Green’s advice and mentoring had been a significant support to him in his ministry. The central theme of the presentation in Békés was discipleship, based on the book “Talmidim”, which is now available in Hungarian. A master class on the subject is expected to be held in the future, and this occasion was a preparation for it.

Ian Green stated, “The goal today is for you to be ahead of those who will soon pick up the book and to understand the thoughts behind the text as well. I have also asked the author of the book to hold a masterclass, which will likely be online. We will try to find answers on how you can become disciple-makers and how this can work effectively within your surrounding relational system.”

In the coming period, the mission plans to place even greater emphasis on discipleship. In this regard, László Surman, Mission Director-General, continuously meets with church ministers, assessing their preparedness and providing advice for more effective work. During the three-day meeting with Ian Green, they discussed questions arising during work processes, met with mission workers from Békés County, and at the lecture in Békés, the mission workers gained new knowledge and received new momentum to help achieve the vision of reaching 325,000 Roma people for Jesus.

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