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The series titled “Well in Spirit” primarily organized for young people, has reached another milestone with its latest installment. This time, Gyula Gyöngyösi, a child welfare advancement consultant and coordinator of Roma study groups, along with Tibor Rácz, the training coordinator of the MCC Roma Talent Program, delivered lectures.

The organizers of “Well in Spirit“ arrange lectures every month with the participation of renowned experts on topics relevant to young people. Previous topics have included public affairs, healthcare, and spiritual matters, among others. Albert Durkó, President of the HGMI and László Surman, Mission Director-General of HGMI, greeted and encouraged the interested students to confidently ask questions to the invited speakers. Following this, the participants enjoyed a bouquet of worship songs.

The interactive program was titled “Educational and Employment Opportunities, Best Practices, and Role Models” on this occasion. Students had the opportunity to inquire about their personal development, the unfolding of their talents, and further education. They could pose questions to the speakers and also learn about the opportunities provided by advancement programs.

Gyula Gyöngyösi titled his presentation “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”, discussing the details of the government’s adopted remedial program while emphasizing individual responsibility and the role of making correct decisions in life.

“One of the key goals of the remedial program is to increase the life chances of disadvantaged children and young people. The question then becomes, what can someone do individually for their own fate? There are many state measures aimed at helping, but what do I do? How do I live with these opportunities? When I grow up and my life goes in a positive direction, how will I help others?” – articulated the speaker.

Tibor Rácz, with a special atmosphere program and communal singing, demonstrated that everyone has talent that can be unearthed with sufficient attention.

“The MCC program provides various support to talented young people, such as performance-based scholarships, accommodation options, free language learning, domestic and foreign study trips, camps, and many other opportunities. I would like to ask you to believe in yourselves, be diligent, and prepare for the future,” emphasized the coordinator of the Roma Talent Program.

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