The speaker of the two-day seminar that delved primarily into building kingdom-centered churches was from Croatia. The seminar was attended by the workers of the Hungarian Gypsy Missions International, giving them insights into the construction of kingdom-centered congregations.

Prepare International, an international Christian organization, initiated a training series this year for mission workers with the specific goal of contributing to the growth of churches.

On July 10th and 11th, during the fourth session of the five-part Antioch course, the students gathered to hear Pastor Oliver Buljat, a PI trainer, deliver the lectures. Albert Durkó, the mission leader, welcomed him at the beginning of the program.

“If a congregation lacks a kingdom-centered mindset, it will live for itself. Though they will work for salvation, it won’t be to impact the created world with God’s kingdom. It’s essential for the churches to see beyond themselves in their functioning. Kingdom-centered congregations are characterized by every member taking an active role in the ministries,” emphasized Oliver Buljat in response to our inquiry. Prepare International and the mission will jointly organize additional seminars until February 2025. The leadership of HGMI pays significant attention to continuous training, preparing the workers for challenging situations, deepening their faith, and providing them with well-founded knowledge of Christian teachings.

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