Due to a mindset focused on multiplication, Bible school training will commence at nine locations within the Hungarian Gypsy Missions International’s congregations starting from January 2024. The instructors were prepared for this task through a two-day training session organized by the Roma Methodology and Research Centre, which took place in Szanazug and had self-awareness as its main theme.

From the very beginning, it has been crucial for HGMI to have well-trained and dedicated servants who can assist the members of the congregations, and the ongoing training sessions are designed to achieve this goal.

„Our main goal is to train church members to be disciples and then teachers, people who are committed to building the kingdom of God. The current training is also a training for community-building, which is essential because ministers are often hundreds of kilometres apart. To be able to preach and teach the gospel is a privilege from God,” highlighted Albert Durkó, president of HGMI.

According to László Surman, director of the Roma Methodology and Research Centre, discipleship plays a very important role in churches to ensure that people receive genuine support after their conversion.

Judit H. Kovács, the leader of the training, emphasized that during the program, participants will learn about themselves through their relationship with God. “It is never too late to become who God created us to be. To gain self-knowledge it is important to step out of our comfort zone, and part of the exercises we are doing now are aimed at doing just that,” was conveyed during the training.

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